Zeitgeist is a(n)…



Zeitgeist is a conceptual project based on a belief that every artist is the exclusive product of their moment, that claims to historical depth are insignificant, and that through curiosity in contemporary issues and how creative minds engage with them, greater engagement in art will be achieved.

It is also a challenge to find new ways to exhibit work online, benefitting from proximities and inherently flexible methods of performance and recording.

Zeitgeist removes any apparent obligations to view contemporary work through a purely abstract lens, encouraging the world we all share with the creator to inform our engagement.

In more literal terms - Zeitgeist content is split into two categories; 1) work commissioned & recorded specifically for the platform, 2) collections of work put together by influential voices representing a broad variety of genres of work.

Zeitgeist aims to be a diverse view of the world through an artistic lens, facilitating a distinct mode of audience understanding and engagement through contemporary and familiar framing devices. Inclusivity, diversity, and commitment to controversial/politically explicit work for the sake of intensified dialogue about the contemporary world is of paramount importance.

The mode of presentation for each selected work/collection differs depending on the genre, however always prioritising purposeful aesthetic value - utilising the benefits of online exhibition to both observe and learn about the work/artist/genre in ways chosen by you, the viewer. Alongside each commissioned work is a scrapbook of supporting materials to further enhance understanding of the work and/or artist, as well as reasons for the curator’s choice.

“ePod nano began as a series of miniatures that were intended be played in any order, like listening to a playlist on shuffle. As the piece developed into a work of music-on-film its structure had to become sequentially ordered. However, the original idea is still present in the way much of the piece’s material was composed & conceived.”

- Jocelyn Campbell


Z Artists Live

Philip Venables’ latest piece of music theatre Denis & Katya to be performed at the Southbank Centre in March 2020.

Tickets available HERE.